Register Absentee Ballot for Nov. 2 General Election

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October 22, 2010 in Air Force, Missouri, Whiteman Air Force Base by clevine

Register Absentee Ballot for Nov. 2 General Election

If you haven't received your ballot, act immediately. It is time to mail back voted ballots. Federal Voting Assistance Program has helped many states comply with the new federal mandate for electronic transmission of the blank ballot by allowing voters to access and mark precinct-specific ballots online. This gives voters access to complete absentee ballots weeks sooner than postal mail delivery.

For those voters that don't have their regular absentee ballot from their state, the FVAP has an online automated Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot, which guides the voter through the voting process and provides all federal candidates to the voter, which can be chosen online. The voter then prints and returns the ballot to their state. Both of these initiatives and other online tools provided by states allow for quick, seamless and intuitive ballot marking and return.

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