Learning to fly: Pete Aero Club thrives

This post was originally published by Peterson Air Force Base - 21st Space Wing News

September 26, 2013 in Colorado, Peterson Air Force Base by clevine

Freedom, a new challenge, checking an item off your bucket list, or perhaps the thrill of soaring with the birds; learning to fly can mean many different things but the Peterson Aero Club is here to help you find that meaning.

The Rocky Mountain U.S. Air Force Flight Training Center, also known as the Peterson Aero Club, started in 1951 and was one the first clubs of its kind. It has been operating for more than 60 years with an amazing track record.

"Peterson's Flight Training Center is one of the very best aero clubs in the Air Force and one of the best flight training schools in the world," said Donald "Greg" Cortum, aero club manager and flying enthusiast.

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