Aviation Maintenance Jobs: 3 Reasons Why Careers at PlaneTechs are a Great Fit for Military Veterans

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December 13, 2012 in Jobs, Transitioning out of the Military by clevine

Looking for a civilian career in aviation maintenance? PlaneTechs offers great career opportunities for veterans of the U.S. Military.

Here’s why:

1.   PlaneTechs understands and values veterans.

This is easy for any company to say, but PlaneTechs has proved their dedication by placing veterans in the U.S. Military in positions all over the country.  Eric Charsky, Recruiting Team Manager of the DOD/Government Services Program at PlaneTechs, a former Army Ranger, and aircrew member says, “We understand what military veterans need, what they’ve gone through, and what they’re looking for.”

In other words, PlaneTechs is an expert at placing transitioning veterans and combat disabled veterans in civilian jobs. Now they want YOU.

2. This is a rapidly growing industry, which can mean: Job security.

“In aviation, we have jobs open right now.” Eric Charsky describes the flood of opportunities available right now in the aviation maintenance industry.

PlaneTechs offers the best of these aviation jobs, in aircraft maintenance and manufacturing.  PlaneTechs is rapidly expanding, and the whole field of aviation maintenance is a growing industry with labor shortages of technically qualified employees.  Employers are looking for new, highly qualified employees every day, and PlaneTechs provides them with the candidates qualified to fill their positions.

3. PlaneTechs is hiring RIGHT NOW, and they want YOU.

Check out PlaneTechs’ jobs on our job board!

They have all different kinds of positions available: aircraft mechanics, air framers, and avionics.  PlaneTechs is actively recruiting veterans to fill civilian and DOD positions working on civilian and government aircraft around the country.

That’s why PlaneTechs wants you.   PlaneTechs recognizes the value of your work ethic as a veteran, and  the training you’ve already had.

“The morals and ethics trained and bred into veterans is far beyond what you’re going to see on the civilian side,” says Eric Charsky.  “We’re trying to put veterans in the best situation we can – and we don’t just say that, we do it.”

PlaneTechs has over 50 available jobs posted on our job board, just waiting for you to apply! Check them out, and start your civilian career today!

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